Geoff Sutcliffe's DFM Diving

SCUBA Diving in Miami, USA

Self portrait after diving

Tame lemon sharks?

One that didn't get away

AOW deep dive on the Duane

I live in Miami, USA, where I work in the Department of Computer Science at the University of Miami. My main interest in Computer Science is Automated Theorem Proving. However, when I'm not proving theorems I tend to SCUBA dive ...

I used to be the Faculty advisor for the University of Miami SCUBA Club, and have worked as an instructor for Tarpoon Dive Center, in Miami Beach. I used to regularly dive off the the Big Com Ocean ...

I used to take my UM students diving with Divers Paradise, in Key Biscayne, and Atlantis Dive Center, in Key Largo.

Some of our dive sites are:

  • The wreck of the Orion
  • The Belcher Barge area
  • The Pipes
  • Emerald Reef
  • Rainbow Reef
  • Flamingo Reef
  • RJ's Ledge (named after RJ of course)
  • Mike's Terrace (named after Captain Mike Beach)
  • Darryl's Ledge
  • Car Wreck Reef (Julio's favourite)

On RJ's dive deck

Ethel the crayfish (before dinner)

Playing with Argentinian sealions (movie)

Links: PADI medical forms
Miami-Dade Artificial Reef Program
SCUBA Club shed

SCUBA Diving in Townsville, Australia

Upto the end of 2000 I lived in Townsville, North Queensland, Australia, in the middle of the Great Barrier Reef. If you are interested in SCUBA diving in Townsville, I can give (my personal) advice about trips and training.
I used to organize SCUBA diving trips to the Great Barrier Reef, for students at James Cook University, particularly international students (exchange students from the University of Miami were some of my best customers!) and members of the JCU dive club. Here are some photos and stories from those trips:
Some dive site information: Townsville Accident Management Plan
Above: Me after my leg was ripped off by a shark, during a clean-up in Alma Bay on Magnetic Island.
It got better.

Left: "I'm the king of the world", on the Yongala Wreck.