What does D.F.M. stand for?

Military Drinking

  1. The instigator shall call Squad ... Attention
  2. The assembled DFMers (that includes the instigator) shall leap to attention, clutching their drinks to the chest, with elbows neatly tucked into their sides.
  3. The instigator shall call Present Arms
  4. The DFMers shall raise their elbows to above the drinking level (typically the mouth, but DFM has no physiological prejudices), without moving the drink from its secure position against the chest. This manouvre ensures that there is some space left empty in the elbow should the body fill up to the drinking level.
  5. The DFMers shall all call Ochlayoch and take a healthy slurp.
The above drinking formalism is very effective. It has been tested under strict partying conditions, and has been proved to be a reliable way of transferring drink to the body.

Easter Sunday

Easter Sunday occurs every year on easter sunday (notice the subtle change of capitalization). DFM meets (in several countries now) on the top of the nearest hill before sunrise, for champagne and pancakes. Then the sun rises. And people start to sink. And the day progresses.

D.F.M. DiveRs

My dive company, D.F.M. DiveRs, provided PADI diver training dive trips to the Great Barrier Reef.

DFM Tales at the Brink